Thursday, 1 February 2007

#23 This is the end...

So in summary I did enjoy learning these things once I got into it. I had absolutly no time at work, with the computer server crashing, limited hours I work and christmas activites, etc gettin gin the way. I have felt I have learnt a lot of new technologies and now that I have a heap of new web tools (&passwords!!) that I've logged into - it will be easier to find the time to go into them and do some more exploring.
Some things like YouTube & ITunes, we already use a lot at home - and now there is plenty more to explore!!

I will end with attempting to attach another picture of my new storytelling chair. I heard about this idea at a children's librarians conference years ago and has always been in my mind to start a new year off with it - but then I kept forgetting to get it ready. The other day I found the chair cover at Spotlight and my friend who is a far better sewer than me, found some material to make me pockets at the side to 'house' the books I will read at the session along with my puppets and other props. The deep pockets will keep everything hidden to create the element of surprise for the children! It will also save me wheeling a trolley out!
Next Friday (9th Feb) storytime resumes and will be the time to test it out!

Also, can't resist adding another photo of my daughter - her first day of prep today!!

#22 Netlibrary

Am I having a wierd night? I just tried the link from the 23 things for this and it came up with an error -
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
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Additional information
uri: /2006/09/22-audiobooks-or-end-is-in-sight.html

then I went to our homepage and the link to netlibrary in the databases took me to - (marketing business who's who??)

So I guessed the web address and spent agers lost around 'title select' which made me really confused as it kept calculating a price?
I then logged in again and came up with a totally different looking page - where I could click on ebooks - I choose 'The Railway Children' but am really tired and can't seem to find any sort of 'download' as it automatically opens for me in full screen and I can read the contents and whole book straight away?

#21 Podcasting

We already have ITunes on our mac, so decided to try where I found an interesting podcast from a teen librarian, who has a website - she used this podcast to express her disagreements with an article a woman wrote in a magazine staing that teen 'problem' novels were poorly written and not worth recommending. The only thing I did not like about this podcast was there wa sno duration time so you had no idea how long it was going to be!

I then tried yahoo podcasts and this took me a while to find something related to libraries. There was a link to some library songs podcaster - "The OPAC sucks' and 'The rhythm of reference' which were pretty funny. There was a website for these for the laughing librarian, however I didn't think I should link to that as there was some pretty crud stuff there.

I tried doing a RSS feed of another site that provided 'homework' for their storytimes by podcasting what songs they were doing for the parents to then practice at home (GREAT IDEA!) however even though I have the 'sub with bloglines' on my bookmark, it kept telling me 'no RSS feeds found'. I then tried cutting and pasting to my bloglines, however the same thing happened? The RSS feed is: feed:// This was from the Liverpool Public Library - There was also a link to another site I might use in the future -

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

#20 YouTube

Started off watching one of the top 10 videos they had listed on the opening was of a crazy bride (they call them bridezillas) cutting off all her hair an hour before her wedding because she didn't like the curls the hairdresser had out in. She went crazy, screaming and crying. It went for 9 minutes and wasn't really worth putting on here.
I then looked up the library dominos - pretty funny, and from there found this video which is Cookie Monster hassling a librarian.
Now I'm having trouble finding this Edit HTML thing to link this YouTubve video onto my blog. I can find the one in the template area but that went all wierd on me? I don't want to edit the template?
I'm sure just pasting the link here is not the right thing to do, but I will do it for now and come back to this ater I seek some help.

** UPDATE...OH WIERD!!! Just went to look at the posts (in new window) that I'd done tonight and it worked! The YouTube Cookie Monster in the Library video is there and ready to play???? Cool.

#19 Discovering Web2.0 Tools

For some reason when I tried looking at the whole list the page went blank - so then I clicked on the 'shortlist' and picked
HIPCAL - a personal organisation one. This looked good, I was especially interested in the text message reminders that could be sent to your one. I was only in demo mode so couldn't find out if there was a charge for this? Then as I got into I read the company had been taken over by 'Plaxco' and they would have a new look etc soon. I liked the hippo.
I then went to the 3rd place site in this category 'voo2do', which was nice and colourful, however did not have the text reminders. It also said it works 'imperfectly on safari' which is what i ahve on my mac at home.
These reminder services are good I suppose on your own personal computer but you'd need to be checking it all the time (not always possible with staff sharing terminals) and pretty hard for borrowers...

#18 Zoho

Great idea, had a try at typing a document but could not find how to publish to my blog. I clicked on the 'publish' button and picked that option but then there was nowhere to type in my blogs link? What am I doing wrong?
I do like the idea of using an on-line document writing tool rather than all the different versions of things. Would be great for our borrowers!

Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Had some trouble with the whole square bracket thing - the PLCMC site said one way and the PBWIKI said another. The instructions on the PLCMC site were correct and linked back to my blog!
Also joined up the PBWIKI with yet another login - I have so many logins and passwords written down...